Our Exceptional Team

The team at The Hearing Center is dedicated to delivering the latest and best hearing solutions for each client. Under the leadership of HCRI President Dr. Ron Webster, each team member is specially trained to provide expert hearing evaluations and precision device fittings that optimize your hearing. 

Whether your hearing issue is mild or severe, we always take the time to discuss your options, share the latest hearing research and technology, and work with you to find the best hearing equipment to address your needs.

Licensed Hearing Specialists Jason Wells and Teresa Arney received advanced training in the precision fitting of advanced hearing-aid technologies. In addition to providing excellence in hearing care, they participate in HCRI research projects that cover different facets of hearing evaluation and hearing loss. 

Integral to the team at The Hearing Center is Pat Hatch who greets our visitors each day. She serves as receptionist and facilitates appointment scheduling. Pat also orders hearing equipment and performs other administrative tasks. Pat is always happy to answer your questions and offer assistance. 

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