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Phone: 540-265-5665

About Our Nonprofit Hearing Center

We measure success by our ability to improve the quality of life for clients through better hearing. We ensure you always benefit from the best equipment choice to address your specific hearing needs - at the best possible pricing.  

At The Hearing Center, we provide advanced facilities and equipment from all major manufacturers, along with a staff of compassionate, qualified professionals. We stay on the cutting edge of the newest hearing technology to provide you with:

We even have the engineering capability to create customized and unique hearing devices to assist every need. Our clients enjoy the best hearing care available because they know that we will not "give up" in an effort to enhance their hearing. 

When you visit our center, you'll find a pleasurable environment where there is no pressure to purchase anything. We take a warm, personal approach to the process of assessing hearing loss and to the process of fitting hearing instruments. We work thoughtfully and patiently with you to assure that everything is being done to provide you with the best possible hearing experience. 

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